During recent years Cybercrime became a realistic threat. Not just individuals but also governments and multinationals become victims of various forms of high profile and organised cybertheft. When large numbers of individuals or victim of online schemes to part them from their money or other assets under false pretences, Legal Floris LLC groups these victims to trace assets, involve law enforcement and mitigate risk of loss for its customers.

For the solicitation of funds for investment opportunities the provider often requires a license. Developed countries can also impose requirements on introducers, agents and even marketing firms. This allows several cross-border law enforcement agencies to collaborate and work together on the basis of mutual legal assistance requests. The private sector and the public sector can work together by unilateral information provisioning resulting in indictments and eventually clawback and distribution of ill-gotten gains to victims.

The current era of cybercrime incudes sophisticated phishing scams, identity theft, pyramid schemes and requests to participate in non-existing investments. Renowned advance free fraud comes in different shapes and forms, where we focus on investment schemes where offshore tax havens play a crucial role in the siphoning of illegal proceeds.

Victims of cybercrime are advised to file a complaint with their designated local law enforcement agencies. Once the complaint is filed, victims can contact Legal Floris LLC to discuss their case and determine the feasibility of legal proceedings to recover lost moneys and compensation for damages.