Offshore Fund Recovery

Specialising in fund recovery for creditors duped by bank failures and investment fraud


    Although offshore tax havens can serve a legitimate purpose, abuse is possible. Gaps in private international law and cross-border regulation create loopholes. When legal entities in offshore tax havens have a position in a fraudulent scheme and stolen assets were siphoned through these entities, asset tracing and (legal) action can lead to recovery.


    In sophisticated financial fraud, forensic studies of accounting records and money transfers often reveals a web of legal entities in different countries. During a discovery phase these legal entities and jurisdictions are exposed to ensure effective (legal) action in the next stage of the process, where maximum fund recovery is the end-goal.


    Once the money flow is detected, a results-based plan of action is formalized. This action plan combines a soft approach with legal action to create a beneficial position for our clients. To avoid court appearance in each jurisdiction where the transfers flow through, tailor-made approaches lead to a swift and efficient system for recovery and indemnification.


    The recovery stage in offshore fraud is crucial and therefore requires a delicate approach. Illicit networks can use and abuse delays in international cooperation to move their assets when law enforcement comes close. Hence the reason that private action later followed by public prosecution can bring appropriate results and maximum recovery.