This website on offshore fund recovery is managed by Legal Floris LLC, a global asset recovery firm. Legal Floris LLC served hundreds of high net worth individuals, small business owners and offshore companies in the asset recovery process when their (offshore) bank failed or the investment program they participated in collapsed.

Tax havens are often abused to siphon ill-gotten gains through a web of offshore companies and financial institutions out of sight of creditors, investors and law enforcement. Ordinary people, who often have no professional understanding of the financial industry and international regulation, are a target for subjects with illicit and sly thoughts.

Our clientele has in common that they cannot hire a leading law firm, but also cannot afford to hire a generalist. Therefore, a specialist with a holistic approach to offshore fund recovery is recommended. Legal Floris LLC aims to be this specialist. However, since the offshore industry draws the attention of shady behavior and sometimes criminal individuals, we have to scrutinize our customers. This means that we carefully decide who we take on, or reject, as a client.

Did you lose money in an (offshore) bank failure or investment fraud? Have you received a notification from a provisional liquidator to attend creditors meeting? Or, is your investment adviser non-responsive…?

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