Investment fraud has different appearances. From wrongful advice leading to losses, to boiler room fraud, pump and dump schemes, high risk FX and binary trading, and pyramid or Ponzi Schemes. All these activities aim to separate investors from their investment funds. Sucker lists are used to defraud victims once again in a loss recovery process. Needless to say, such schemes do not solve problems and recover losses but merely take investors funds for another time.

When complex corporate structures and opaque techniques are used in investment schemes, different legal systems allow genuine assistance. Sometimes cross-border activities and different entities require a tailored approach to the fund recovery process. In the end, our customers want to see their investment returned and justice be done. This is not easy, but also not an impossible task. The capital outflow to other legal entities must be investigated to find evidence that funds were misappropriated, and customers have a right to repossess or reclaim specific assets.

In the current era, where investment fraud is structured to collect substantial amounts from the ignorant and hide income, assets and profit, offshore fund recovery can be a lengthy and difficult process. Still, tracing assets and returning invested funds to the rightful owners can be possible.