‘Offshore Fund Recovery’ is a product of Legal Floris LLC, a boutique firm specialised in fund recovery services for creditors duped in bank failures and investment fraud. The scope of our work includes discovery of complex company structures, often registered in different offshore tax havens, to ensure that our customers achieve maximum compensation from the recovery actions. Classical strategies are combined with efficient and effective multi-step plans in a holistic fund recovery process that aims to come as close as possible to full indemnification of customer losses.

Industry experience shows that victims of offshore fraud have different short-term needs that must be met. The main challenges are alongside direct liquidity shortage, a decreasing confidence in the financial markets, asset or fund recovery and often the feeling of justice to be done. Since the multi layered corporate structures are used as a foundation for the distribution of assets, fund recovery can be a lengthy process. To minimize the initial fees involved, customers are grouped, where a retainer is combined with a performance based, ‘no win, no fee’ remuneration. In the end, we aim to pass our fees on to the culprit to spare our clients from paying for the fund recovery process. However, no guarantees can be given that such fees can be recovered.

Over the years we created a global and loyal customer base of hundreds of customers in a similar situation as yourself. These customers hire us to achieve results with our innovative strategies but are aware that recovery processes are difficult and can be delayed by various third-party actions. The common element of our customers is that they cannot hire a high-ticket firm but also cannot afford to work with a generalist. Since their assets and sometimes even their life savings are at stake, they need to appoint a specialist. Legal Floris LLC aims to be that specialist where simple solutions can often solve complex financial problems. Our holistic recovery strategy is best fit for a specific clientele, where others might be better served by different firms with a different plan. Therefore, you are invited to complete the form below, or contact us by telephone to discuss your case.