Offshore financial centres provide business people throughout the world an efficient way to operate internationally. National company laws and the corporate infrastructure in offshore financial centres can differ from its counterparts in the western world, thus creating loopholes in the administrative processes for companies. Such loopholes can be abused by obscure actors to utilize their illicit activities and funnel their ill-gotten gains to international business companies registered in tax havens. Creditors are often left in despair, disappointed by regulators and law enforcement whilst experiencing heavy losses on their investment or bank deposit.

Legal Floris LLC provides fund recovery services to victims of investment fraud and (offshore) bank failure. Our holistic approach towards offshore fund recovery allows our customers to reclaim their assets in a structured and staged process, ensuring maximum return of their investment. Our clientele mainly contains non-resident investors who are often uninformed about local customs and regulation. To avoid that this position results in a further write down of the original investment, Legal Floris LLC groups victims to secure a strong position in alternative dispute resolution, out of court settlements, and the liquidation of the legal entity.

Legal Floris LLC works for investors in suspicious investment products and creditors of (offshore) financial institutions. These creditors, investors and other stakeholders can be private persons, high net worth individuals, or legal entities such as offshore companies, international business corporations and holding companies. To ensure the best possible outcome, Legal Floris LLC combines different recovery strategies that have proven to be successful in the past. These include the traditional insolvency procedures as well as other arrangements approved by courts, administrators or liquidators.

The website Offshore Fund Recovery provides information on various jurisdictions used for legitimate, but unfortunately also for obscure business activities. Customers who fear losing their investment or see their account balance at risk are invited to contact Legal Floris LLC. Please complete the contact form on this website or call us at one of the telephone numbers in the side bar. More information on Legal Floris LLC is available on our main website.